An Eclipse

An Eclipse is a short film produced in my first year at Humber College.

A solar eclipse begins, causing Sun to undergo a disturbing psychological and physical transformation. As the eclipse continues, she begins to catch glimpses of someone lurking in her apartment. This person, Moon, looks like her, but is unhappy and unhealthy. The darker the sky becomes, the stronger Moon becomes. Moon gains enough strength at the peak of the eclipse to physically take over Sun’s space. However as the eclipse continues, and as sunlight begins to creep back, Moon weakens in strength and Sun is finally able to reclaim her place.

Director's Statement

This film is an exploration into mental health disorders that cause individuals to often become unlike themselves: depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, bipolar disorder, etc. It explores the feeling of isolation and loneliness that comes with these disorders but also celebrates the ability to bring oneself back from a dark place. It is based on my own experience with mental health disorders.

I often feel as though there are two versions of myself. When I'm good, I'm so good. When I'm not, I feel like a completely different person. That version of myself is inextricably linked to my overall identity, no matter how much I try to ignore or hide it. This film is my attempt to make that relationship physical, tangible. When I'm feeling "sunny" I catch myself wondering where my "moon" is. She lurks in the background, and sometimes strikes when I least expect it. But it's still me. And it's up to me to bring myself out of it.

I used the Sun and Moon for their obvious light and dark imagery, but the concept of the "eclipse" really captures how it feels. It's not light OR dark. Sometimes the moon is just beginning to cover the sun. Sometimes it's a full eclipse, with the sun fully obscured. And sometimes, there is only a bit of sun. But, as an eclipse, it always passes. The sun always comes back. That's what I wanted to depict in this film: the sun comes back.

The two versions of the self, Sun and Moon, were depicted by the same actor Stephanie Cowan, exhibiting her ability to depict contrasting characters physically. I stood in as the body double, bringing even more of myself into the project.

This film was shot for Humber College’s Film and Television Production first year “personal media project” assignment using a CanonC200 camera and Sigma 18-35mm Cine Lens. It was the first project I fully prepared for myself from script to the final edit. I was not just the Director; I served as my own Producer, Set Designer, Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Editor, Colourist, and Composer. There is a lot of me in this project, and although as a very evidently first year first attempt at a short film, I am incredibly proud of myself for completing it.

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