Sisterhood is a short horror comedy produced at Humber College for the second year Studio Drama final project.

Kathy, a recent sorority pledge, struggles to fit in due to her grief over the passing of her sister Alice. Her new sorority sisters, irritated by her depression, host a fake seance to contact her sister, hoping it will give her closure. However, they unknowingly summon a dark entity, which kills them all, except for Kathy.

Director's Statement

Directing Sisterhood has been an absolute honour. As soon as I read the script, I was drawn to our brilliant writer Eddy Yang's inspirations from the iconic trio in Mean Girls and the campy horror in Scream Queens. The script brilliantly combines my favourite elements of classic teen comedies with supernatural horror. The script is not only entertaining, but it also delivers cathartic moments of both laughter and fear.

We all have experienced the feeling of wanting to belong to a group, and that's what our protagonist, Kathy, is seeking after her sister Alice's passing. The Kappa Phi sisters, who are stunning, popular, and materialistic, are entirely unsympathetic to Kathy's grief and decide to prank her. We all know the archetype of the popular girl: Regina George, Heather Chandler, or Sharpay Evans. What would happen if they got a taste of their own medicine?

As someone who has struggled in the past with fitting in and betrayal by "friends," it felt extremely cathartic to symbolically kill them off and reclaim that power they held over me.

Our cast and crew have worked tirelessly to bring Sisterhood to life, and I couldn't be prouder of their dedication and talent. The blend of comedy and horror creates a surreal atmosphere that I find fascinating. It's a world that is both entertaining and terrifying, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

And remember, karma kills.

Crew Testimonials

“She [...] didn’t allow her status as director to overshadow the crew’s thoughts and concerns... She was an inspiring director, and made everyone want to do their absolute best. She was extremely dedicated, spending many hours a week in meetings with each department, as well as rehearsals with the actors. Overall, I loved working with Heather, and think that she is an incredibly skilled director.”

Mathias Tom Yew

Art Director

“Heather certainly knows how to communicate with people and how to find common language. During the production I clearly saw that on set. I think, for a director, this skill is extremely important in working with actors, as well as with other crew members. She originally had an idea about how she wants the film to turn out, and her vision was perfectly seen by the whole crew because of the way she would describe it. I would definitely love to work with Heather again, because her art has a soul, and it is always nice to work with someone who loves what they are doing.”

Viktoriia Shpachenko

Sound Recordist

“Heather is an exceptional collaborator as sheworks diligently to communicate well andprovide useful feedback to the editing team inthe post-production process.”

Raval Alviarez

Picture Editor

“Heather is an incredibly passionate person.She was quick to find solutions to hurdles thrown her way and remained professional at all times. While on set, she was a beacon of light and positivity. She managed her stress very well and kept everyone happy. She was fantastic at working with the actors and a very clear communicator with them. Her work ethic and commitment are unmatched. I would love to work with Heather again!”

Elle Lloyd

DMT, BTS Photographer

“Heather was a super hard working director who effectively stayed on task during an intense production. She was able to accomplish her vision efficiently and was great with communicating what she needed at all times.”

Jonah Armitage

Boom Operator


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