The Last 48

“The Last 48” is an ICVFX Virtual Production collaboration between Humber College’s Film and Television Production Advanced Diploma program and the Animation 3D Advanced Diploma program, shot at the LED Volume at Humber College’s partner William F. White International Inc. – in the WFW TechLab.

With only 48 hours remaining until picture lock, John and his AI assistant are tasked with completing the edit for the movie, Absence. Upon deactivating the AI assistant due to constant workflow interruptions, John discovers that the AI has ulterior motivations of its own. After waking up in a mysterious desert, John is left at the mercy of the AI as he attempts to reclaim control over the project, and his own body.

Director's Statement

I hold a great fear of the capabilities of AI, especially when it relates to creative works. I strongly believe that the use of artificial intelligence to create art is a disrespect to art itself. We as humans have the unique ability to create music, paintings, films, stories that no one else can. To use AI to generate or assist in that creative process takes that human touch from the project. Big companies beginning to use AI to assist, or at times replace, the valuable work of talented artists, completely terrifies me.

I had the wonderful opportunity to direct the Desert scene of this project, in which John has a nightmare about the AI assistant taking away his free will, and taking over his project. With limited movement available to us due to the nature of the virtual wall and stage, I was tasked with telling this emotional journey while stuck in place. John tied to his desk chair with the very cable that the AI program was installed with represents the dangerous restrictions of creativity that comes with corporate use of AI. The plug into the back of his neck represents the leeching of AI off of real humans' creative works.

John makes an important decision in this scene. He makes the decision to reject the suggestions of the AI assistant -- aptly named "Project Vulture" -- and make the creative decisions for himself. This is a visual representation of my and my peers' rejectino of the use of AI in our field. Film is a complex, beautiful genre of art that combines some of the most beautiful human creations: photography, light, music, technology, dramatic narrative. It takes a team of talented individuals to create a film, and I believe that those individuals' hard work is worth preserving.


The crew of the Last 48 worked with sustainability coordinator Bear Gough to minimize the carbon footprint of our production, including completely eliminating plastic bottles from set, using energy efficient LED lighting packages, using biodegradable plates and cutlery, and implementing an opt-in policy for printed documents.

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